Runnymede St Edward's Catholic Primary

Part of the Edmund Rice family of schools ‘Inspire, Challenge and Support through Faith’


At Runnymede St Edward's we are committed to providing our pupils, staff and parents/carers with support and guidance in order to help them maintain and promote wellbeing and to enable them to offer support to others.  We are proud to have been awarded the Liverpool Health and Wellbeing Award in 2022. 



Who do I speak to if I need support?


You can approach any staff member in our school.  However, the following staff would be of points of contact for you:


  • Headteacher- Miss K Peaston (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)
  • Deputy Headteacher- Mr J Long (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • Assistant Headteacher- Mrs P Minogue (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)
  • Pastoral Support Officer- Mrs P O'Donnell (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)


If you need our support please contact the school office in the first instance to ensure that we are aware of any issues.  Additionally, there are a wealth of health organisations, charities and support groups that offer expert advice on a range of issue/concerns.


Please access the following websites for a range of useful resources:

  • Listening ear
  • Anxiety UK
  • Childline
  • Oakleaf Children's Services
  • YPAS
  • Kooth
  • NHS Mental Health Support
  • Liverpool Bereavement Services


As part of our ongoing work with YPAS and Liverpool CAHMS, we adopt a WSA (Whole School Approach) to Mental Health and Wellbeing and urge you to access the following padlet to utilise the wide range of resources available:


Liverpool Whole School Approach Padlet