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Physical Education

Physical Education

Just play, have fun, enjoy the game.

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At Runnymede St Edward’s the aim of our PE curriculum is to inspire all pupils to become physically confident in a way that helps to support their health and fitness and teaches them to enjoy living a healthy life. We want our children to develop a deep knowledge and a range of skills, enabling them to sustain and enjoy a positive, active lifestyle way beyond their school years. While Striving for Excellence we want to encourage each and every child to use their talents to the full and pursue the highest standards in all aspects of learning and extracurricular endeavour. We will teach the key Concepts of Movement, Agility, Balance, Co-ordination, Co-operation, Competition, Sequence, Health and Fitness. Through teaching these concepts we aim for all of our Young Edwardians to develop a broad range of skills and a love of being active. Throughout their time at Runnymede St Edward’s we will also offer opportunities to compete in a range of sports and other activities that will help to build character and to embed values such as fairness, honesty and respect.


All children at Runnymede will benefit from a broad, deep and progressive P.E curriculum. From reception our children will start to develop the FUNdamentals of movement whilst participating in a wide variety of lessons and activities. As they progress they will become more competent while also starting to develop their love and enjoyment of physical activity.

In KS1 the Physical Education curriculum changes to more of an activity specific focus. Children learn how the body changes during exercise whilst further developing the FUNdamentals of movement (Jog, Sprint, Jump, Hop, Weight on Hands, Balance & Co-ordination). In Key Stage 1 pupils will be exposed to a wide variety of games and activities including throwing and catching, ball skills, striking and fielding and gymnastics. Through the effective teaching of Physical Education, the opportunity to take part in external competitions and festivals as well as a quality and varied extra-curricular offer and structured play during lunch times, children will be competent in the FUNdamentals of movement at the completion of Key Stage 1.


In KS2 the P.E becomes both broad and deep. Children develop their Key Concepts through a variety of ‘vehicles’, all PE will be taught by a specialist PE teacher supported by the class teacher or LSA. This will ensure that the children at Runnymede are able to develop their knowledge, understanding and performance in P.E through activities such as Basketball, Netball, Football, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball, Dance, Gymnastics and Athletics. In addition to this, pupils will have a wide and varied extra-curricular programme that they can take part in as well as numerous external competitions and festivals against other schools from around the city.

We deliver weekly swimming lessons all year round for children in Year 3 to Year 6 and these lessons are delivered via a service level agreement with our feeder school St Edward’s College who have excellent onsite facilities. Pupils will undertake a series of awards and receive a certificate upon completion of each stage, this will allow pupils to see the progress that they are making as they progress through Key Stage 2. Swimming is a vital life skill that children will take with them and use for the rest of their life. At Runnymede St Edward’s we aim to ensure that all of our Young Edwardians have this vital life skill and be both confident and competent around water when they leave us at the end of Key Stage 2.

Pupils will also get the opportunity to take part in swimming galas and competitions against other schools from around the city.




Our aim is for the children at Runnymede to develop a broad range of skills in a wide variety of activities. A deep understanding of how the human body works and the importance of exercise. We are confident that they will find at least one form of physical activity that they love and will pursue for the rest of their life. 



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LDCSA Champion of Champions Athletics at Wavertree 5th July 2022