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Read, Write, Inc.

How do we teach our children to read and write at Runnymede?

Here at Runnymede, we use the Read, Write Inc Phonics Programme to teach children to read and write with accuracy and fluency.

We begin by teaching your child ‘Set 1 Speed Sounds.. The children have to be able to recognise these sounds with speed and accuracy before moving on to the next step. For homework, we will forward you video links in the form of QR codes for those sounds that need practise.

Please be patient with this process, as some children develop their confidence with sounds quicker than others. Reading Leaders regularly assess your child which feeds into our planning and groupings. It is not our intention to hold any child back, but we must be careful that your child is taught at the right level for them.


Your children will be working in small groups with reading teachers every day. In addition to the Read Write Inc programme the children will also be working on writing skills (when appropriate) and storytelling in their classes.

When your child can recognise Set 1 sounds with accuracy and speed, learning to blend is the next step. RWI uses a character called ‘Fred’ to speak in sounds. Each daily lesson has plenty of opportunities for the children to hear words using ‘Fred Talk' and play Fred Games – again this process needs patience and practise. 

Fred Fingers are used for spelling. Children hold up the hand that they do not write with. They sound out the word they are spelling and put up the correct number of fingers for the word. For example: m-ee-t = 3 sounds = 3 fingers.


What you can do to help

Lots of oral blending is the best way to help your child hear the sounds as a word. You might like to play games, e.g. Fred says (Simon Says)…put your finger on your ch-i-n. Or, ‘I spy’ with my little eye something…r-e-d. Making it fun, short and snappy is key to getting to grips with blending!

When bringing home books, please trust us to choose the book(s) that will help your child the most. When supporting blending, try not to refer to the letters by their names. Help your child to focus on the sounds. You can hear how to say the sounds correctly at this link:

Sometimes your child might bring home a picture book that they know well. Please don’t say, ‘This is too easy.’ Instead, encourage your child to tell you the story out loud; ask them questions about things that happen or what they think about some of the characters in the story.

We know parents and carers are very busy people. But if you can find time to read to your child as much as possible, it helps him or her to learn about books and stories. They also learn new words and what they mean.


Please attend the Phonics Workshop in October to find out more information for Parents and Carers.

Parent and Carer Letter RWI

Set 1 QR codes expires on 22nd April 2024

Set 1 Special Friends QR codes expires 22nd April 2024

QR codes Fred Games (expire 22nd May 2024)