Runnymede St Edward's Catholic Primary

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Lots of fun Easter themed arts and crafts 🐣🎨

Art Skills Day with Becky the Artist


Year 4 had a wonderful day learning new art skills with Becky the artist 👩‍🎨


We learned to draw 2 dimensional shapes and cuboids using different grip techniques. ✏️The children enjoyed exploring different styles of shading and used their new knowledge to shade a sphere with a shadow using black and white chalk pastels. When creating their sphere artwork, they learned about the concept of reflective light and how to use it in their drawing. 🔦


Furthermore, the children looked at techniques inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and used these techniques and examples of Leonardo da Vinci’s work to create a collage. 


We finished the day creating observational drawings of a pepper. We coloured our peppers using oil pastels and used opposite colours on the colour wheel to shade. 🫑 🎨