Runnymede St Edward's Catholic Primary

Part of the Edmund Rice family of schools ‘Inspire, Challenge and Support through Faith’


Modern Foreign Language Curriculum 



At Runnymede St. Edwards Primary School, we believe that a  second language is a portal into another world, a door we can open anytime we want to.. Our primary intent is to foster a genuine love for Foreign languages in general and the target language French in particular, thus expanding this concept of citizenship to one shared globally with citizens of other nations. We aim to develop the children’s curiosity, respect for diversity and compassion for those in need through the study of a foreign culture. At Runnymede we believe that the study of a foreign language  contributes towards fostering empathy and spirituality.  The children also have the opportunity to compare their knowledge about French to their own language,  reinforcing their understanding of English grammar.  Each lesson is planned to ensure that the children have fun and feel good about their ability to learn a foreign language, independent of other specific learning outcomes of the lesson.



At KS1, the emphasis is on learning through songs, dances and games and learning about the culture of the target language.  By the end of KS1 children are expected to retain some key vocabulary and attempt to pronounce French words as intended by native speakers.  We use Early start, Take Ten French, Language Angels and some materials shared from other sources.  Assessment is through learning and differentiation by outcome is used to allow the teacher to address any necessary reteaching of lessons to ensure retention is maximised. 

At KS2, we continue with mainly oral activities during Year 3 slowly progressing to some written work as homework at the end of year 4.  The children are encouraged to research and work independently in class and when doing homework.  Older children are encouraged to learn at least one prayer in the target language. We use a variety of Schemes of Work and a mix of resources to maintain the children’s interest.  Our main homework tool is; Language Angels exercises. 



French is a popular lesson in all years and many of our children proudly declare that they are “good” in French. By the end of KS2 children who have followed the program for the intended number of years are able to make a small presentation about themselves in the target language and respond to familiar questions with accurate answers.  Children also retain some interesting facts about the culture and country of the target language, demonstrating their cultural understanding and tolerance across society and cultures.

The children also become familiar with Self/Peer Assessments and most can predict with some accuracy their end of year grade, in order to prepare them for transition to St. Edwards College.  Our children are ready and looking forward to more complex work in secondary school by the end of year6.