Runnymede St Edward's Catholic Primary

Part of the Edmund Rice family of schools ‘Inspire, Challenge and Support through Faith’


Our overall approach is designed to help pupils:

  • enjoy a happy and secure learning environment where they are valued
  • develop lively, enquiring minds where they question rather than merely accept
  • acquire knowledge and understanding which will equip them for future challenges
  • obtain skills that they can transfer to other subjects or situations


We seek to challenge, inspire and support children to perform

The Runnymede curriculum is tailored to the needs of the pupils and their future aspirations. We seek to challenge, inspire and support children to perform in accordance with their abilities. Following the National Curriculum, our highly qualified class and subject teachers adapt and enhance their programmes of study to support all children to achieve their potential. Classes are small and therefore a very individual approach can be offered to every child.


A structured reading scheme is also in operation in each class offering a variety of reading materials. Our reading programme is delivered by the class teacher, supported by the child’s parents and volunteer parents who come into our school and listen to the children read on a weekly basis.

From Reception onwards, children are given homework. Homework is very important as it supports and enhances the curriculum and develops a good work ethic. We have very strong home-school links as the school and home are in partnership, ensuring the very best for each child. We are proud that our children achieve high levels in the National Curriculum tests at the end of each key stage.



Informal and informal assessments allow staff to identify strengths and areas for development, and track children’s progress.
Every pupil and parent receives a report once a term, which details achievement and effort. The strong tutorial system ensures that every child's success is celebrated and rewarded. There are two Parents' Meetings during the year and regular and open communication is encouraged between home and school. In addition parents can communicate with the class teacher via or via the homework diary.


Religious Education 

For full information about the RE Curriculum please visit the Religious Education available below.

“Into your hands Lord, we put each day all that we do and all that we say.”


Religious Education (R.E.) at Runnymede is based on the national scheme ‘Come and See.’ Religious Education recognises and enables a dialogue at many levels. There are three main questions that are to be answered by all the children from Preschool to Prep 6.


“Where do I come from?” “Who am I?” “Why am I here?”

R.E. takes up 10% of the curriculum, but is not totally confined to lesson time. R.E. permeates the whole life and ethos of the school. The whole school explores the same theme but from different aspects, through year group topics on a one-year cycle. This enables the children to celebrate their new experiences and understanding together whatever their age. To read more about R.E. please see our section on Religious Education.