Runnymede St Edward's Catholic Primary

Part of the Edmund Rice family of schools ‘Inspire, Challenge and Support through Faith’

Reception 1 and 2 Mrs Farmer and Mrs Brophy

Hello and welcome to Reception!

We are really enjoying getting to know our new children and finding out about their interests. The children are learning each other’s names and beginning to develop new friendships.

In Reception 1, the teachers are Mrs Farmer and Mrs Ford and in Reception 2, Mrs Brophy and Mrs Leary.



We begin each day at 9am and end at 3pm.


Here is a list of key weekly activities and what you will need to bring with you each day:


  • A water bottle
  • Reading folder
  • School coat


Tuesday is PE day for Reception 2

Friday is PE day for Reception 1


School will provide a fresh piece of fruit each day so no other snack is needed from home. Children will be provided with a fresh carton of milk daily.

New Beginnings w/b 6th September